Unfilled needs ?

While a lot of extensions are availabe all over the web (see links on our main page), perhaps you won't find the one you need.
In that case, you'll need to make your own.
We think it's a very good idea, do it ! And, if possible, share it !

However, perhaps, you'll face one or more of these problems:

  • limited budget
  • limited or no experience in native development for the selected target(s)
  • no available developer(s)
  • not part of your company strategy
In that case, we could help you.
Just drop us a mail, with the details of your needs, the selected target(s) and the ideal delay.
Delay is important because we can't devote full time and if we can't make it at time, we won't let you expect something else.

Please note we can only accept Paypal payments

How we work ?

Based on your first request, we make some tests and a list of what can be done or not.
If we need more details, a private SDK or anything else we can find ourself, we'll contact you.

With all the needed information, we will send you a quote, perhaps with some options, and license available (see below)
If you agreed to this quote (price, delay and license), we'll wait for a first 10% payment.

We'll then start development for the default target (as3 only) which we'll send you to validate the interface AIR->target.
If the interface is validated, we'll start the native development.

As soon as possible, we'll send you a limited version of the ANE for validation.
Full version and source, according license, will be send after last payment.

For major and multi target extensions, it's also possible to pay 50% before native development and 50% after full release.
Conditions apply if you don't pay the last payment or don't validate the first or final release.

What can be done ?


We are currently able to develop ANE for Android, iOS and Blackberry.
Please note we can only test on our own devices :

  • HTC Desire on Android 2.2
  • Nexus S on Android 4
  • iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1.1
  • Blackberry Dev Alpha C
If the ANE is for a particular hardware (device or accessories), you should provide it to us.
If not possible and if we agree to work on it anyway, expect a lot of tests to do yourself and a higher quote !



If the native interface needs an object which can't be translated to AS3, be ready for a lot of trouble !
Some library also expect to work with others one we can't control from AIR.
Anyway, our answer will contain any problem we can't meet during development.


Our goal is to provide any useful ANE to developers.
If the ANE you request could be useful to others, we'll ask your agreement to distribute it.
If you accept, we'll cut the price according the interest it could meet among developers and price we could ask for it.
In that case, we associate your name to this ANE, to let everyone know you 'funded' it...unless you don't want, for privacy reason.