Include the extension in your project.

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Set the permissions and the per-device configuration.

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Ask for banner or interstitial ad.

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Supported ads networks

Android iOS BlackBerry
Adfonic - -
Adiquity - -
Admob -
Inmobi - -
InnerActive - -
Madvertise - -
Smaato - -

If your favorite ads network isn't on this list (, ....), contact us with URL, optional SDK if not public and testing IDs so we can implement it



From the package, select Ads4AIR, InnerActive and, if not already InnerActive, your own ads extension.
Add them to your project throught Properties > Flex Build Path > Native Extensions tab
Be sure to package them on each target platform throught Properties > Flex Build Packaging



Adjust your app descriptor xml file according ads network.
For Android, it means adding the needed activities and permissions.



Set your ads network settings.
Initialize your ads network with these settings.
Request an auto-updating banner or a one shot interstitial ads.

Don't forget to listen and react to ads events if you want a better UX.


Files and Licensing

Each ads network has its own ANE file.
Of course, the main Ads4AIR ANE file is mandatory.
Download full package (v1.0.1)
Download manual
View change log
Note : there is no per-ads network download

Sample app for Android (source)

We really hope you'll succeed with these extensions, mainly because our earning is based on yours :
These ANE is free to use but we ask, in return, to include InnerActive's ANE.
This way, 10% of your ads requests are in fact shadowed by ours.
If you feel it's not a fair trade, contact us.

If you release an app using Ads4AIR, let us know so we can include it, with its link, on our list.
Another way to help you succeed !